Vishal before Rise MMA

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Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

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South Pacific BJJ Championships

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Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.Good luck to all of the Empire crew who are competing this weekend. Oss.


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An inside look into the life of Marcello Garcia. Bjj Northward St Upper Coomera

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Alliance Jiu Jitsu’s Marcelo Garcia is a 5x world champion and 4x ADCC champion. In our opinion he is one of the best on earth. Great work from the guys at Budo videos!  If your interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu come on down to Empire Martial Arts at 3 Northward St Upper Coomera Gold Coast.

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New banners at Empire!

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Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Thanks to everyone who came down and helped us put our new banners up, we are lucky to have such an awesome crew!

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Kids Mixed Martial Arts Coomera Gold Coast

Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Kids classes now at Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

School Bullying and Mixed Martial Arts: How Training Can Make a Difference

Approximately one child out of every four suffers from bullying at some point in his or her school career, children have attendance problems relating to bullying every day and one out of five kids is willing to admit to having bullied another child. Unfortunately, the advice most children get from their parents and teachers doesn’t help the bullying stop. In fact, trying to “ignore it” is one of the worst ways to fight bullying. Instead, kids need to learn how to meet their problems intelligently and competently.

School Bullying and Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts training can be a huge benefit for children who suffer from bullying, but not because those kids fight with their bullying. Instead, learning MMA tactics can give children the confidence and discipline to defuse a violent situation. They can learn how to prevent violence, as well as how to defend themselves if other techniques don’t work. These no-punch, no-kick methods allow children to neutralize their bullies while causing as little harm as possible.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Learning a martial art offers children a number of psychological benefits, including better self esteem and the ability to overcome adversity. Many MMA programs specifically teach kids how to defuse a difficult situation, helping them avoid feeling “frozen” by indecision. Martial arts training can also give children leadership skills and a better attitude through positive experiences with their peers. Since bullies tend to target the least socially adept children, this reduces the risk of being a victim.

Physical Fitness

With many physical education programs falling prey to massive budget cuts and most children subject to a wide range of reasons to stay indoors, childhood physical fitness is falling. Becoming involved in an MMA training program can give children a safe, healthy place to be physically active, as well as a form of activity they can enjoy. That helps build stronger bodies and improve overall health. It also helps children feel more confident about their bodies and develop the strength and flexibility to deal with a difficult situation.

A Sense of Community

By participating in martial arts training and competitions, kids can gain a sense of community that might be lacking in their everyday interactions. They form a special bond with their classmates and learn to make new friends, something that can help them avoid being targeted by bullies. Kids who have better social skills and a greater sense of community are less likely to feel alone and helpless in the face of bullying. When they know they have someone to turn to, they can reduce the risk of severe bullying and have a safer, healthier school experience.

Class times for childrens MMA is Monday & Thursday for 4-6 year olds & 7 years + 415pm – 5pm.

Empire Mixed Martial Arts. 3 Northward St Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. 

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BJJ South East QLD Championships 2013

The 2013 South East Queensland BJJ Championships (Gi and No Gi) March 10th

The 2013 South East Queensland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships (Gi and No Gi)

Excitement is building at the Empire Martial Arts Gym for the upcoming SEQLD BJJ Championships held here on the Gold Coast next month! The first competition of the season is a great opportunity for everyone to test their competitive nature in the sport and challenge their skills against fresh new opponents. From our veteran rollers, some of which are returning to competing after an interim break, down to our fresh white belts looking for their first taste of competitive BJJ, Empire has encouraged everyone at the gym to give the competition a go! Although still a serious competition, no matter your level you will gain new understanding for your own game and technique as well as the techniques and styles of other gyms, helping you to broaden your BJJ education. As Coach Ricky always says “nothing beats time on the mat!”

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting some helpful competition and training tips to help you prepare for the Championships!

If you are interested in joining us in training for or competing at the 2013 SE QLD BJJ Championships in Nerang on the Gold Coast then get in touch with  Ricky or come down to the gym at 3 Northward St, Upper Coomera!

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Strength Training with Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Strength training with Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

When Do You Need Strength and Explosive Power Training for Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed martial arts is an extremely versatile discipline that incorporates the best of a wide range of different traditions. That means that it’s possible for just about any fighter to find techniques that suit his or her physique, preferences, fitness level and skill set. However, there are times when you may find yourself doing poorly in competition, even if you’re done plenty of cardio work and are otherwise in great shape. That’s when it’s time to start looking at strength and explosive power training for mixed martial arts.

Why Power?

Even people with great physical fitness levels and plenty of musculature can be surprised by their lack of power. This can happen when you’ve been focusing on the wrong muscle groups, when you only have “top level” fitness without much core strength, or when you’ve been working on your speed to the detriment of everything else. No matter why you have this problem, you’ll probably find yourself losing more easily than you’d like. You may reach a frustrating plateau in your advancement. If this occurs, it’s time to start looking at training that will build up your strength and let you explode into your opponent.

Improving Explosive Power

Conventional cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting won’t give you the kind of explosive power you need to really succeed in MMA. That’s because these disciplines aren’t focused on the right kind of energy. Explosive power is effectively a form of sprinting: putting a lot of energy into a single burst of activity. Most people who train to improve this kind of power do it by using a relatively light weight. Instead of working with the heaviest thing they can lift, they deliberately choose something a little lighter, then lift it sharply and suddenly three to five times in a row. This can be tiring extremely quickly, but it helps you develop the kind of power you’ve been lacking.

Increasing Your Endurance

Of course, just because you can kick or punch explosively doesn’t mean that you have everything you need. If you’re exhausted after that punch or kick, you won’t do well in competition. That’s why you also need to condition your body to stay powerful even though you’re tired. This means starting your workout in a moderately tired state, then working on the explosive technique. Because you can easily injure yourself during this kind of conditioning, it’s a good idea to have someone nearby to help. Make sure you keep the number of repetitions low in order to get the most power into each one. You may feel very tired shortly after the workout, but you’ll soon see your power increasing.

Feel free to visit Empire Gold Coast Martial Arts now to increase your power.



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Mental Training for Mixed Martial Arts – Empire Martial Arts Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Mental Training for Mixed Martial Arts – Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.



The Importance of Mental Training for Mixed Martial Arts

Fighters have devoted plenty of time to the physical aspect of preparing for mixed martial arts competition, but surprisingly few people address the mental aspect of this discipline. The connection between what you’re thinking and how you’re going to perform is surprisingly strong, so if you intend to be effective in competition, you need to be mentally dedicated and emotionally solid. Here’s a look at what mental training for mixed martial arts is so important, as well as a few techniques to help you get your mind into shape just like your body.


When it comes to any kind of martial arts practice, confidence is key. If you don’t believe in yourself, there’s a good chance that your opponent will sense it and take advantage. Confidence isn’t the same as being delusional, however. Make sure you understand both your strengths and limitations, then work to overcome your problems. Believing in your abilities is the first step to winning regularly.

Mental Resilience

If you’re going to deal with a truly competitive situation, you have to have a lot of mental resilience. You need to be capable of getting through a setback without allowing it to crush your confidence. Even serious losses shouldn’t be allowed to stop you. With the right level of mental strength, you can shrug off these issues and move forward towards your goals.


Mixed martial arts fighters have to be able to analyze a situation clearly. Otherwise, it’s impossible to make the right decisions quickly enough to make a difference. Many fighters actually start looking at their opponents’ performance several weeks or months before a big fight. If you’ve developed the right analysis skills, this can help you determine strengths and weaknesses, creating a seamless plan for dealing with each individual opponent. You have to be able to visualize the upcoming fight and decide how you’re going to deal with it in advance.


Because MMA is a very competitive sport, you have to do more than just be confident in yourself. You have to be capable of turning that confidence into action. Give yourself permission to win in your own mind before you head into any fight. If you feel timid or like you aren’t ready to jump forward aggressively, there’s a good chance that you’ve already lost the fight before you even begin. Build up your assertiveness and be willing to put yourself out there if you really want to be a winner in MMA.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Known as NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a unique approach to communication and development originally developed 4 decades ago. It relies on the link between language, neurological processes and behaviour. These can all be altered via experience, and by deliberately inducing specific exercises, you can guide the process. Amazing results have been acheived by changing your personal language patterns and behaviors, you can improve your life experience. Attitude is the key.


Usually associated with prayer and yoga, meditation is actually any practice in which you train your mind to enter a calmer state of mind. It has been shown to reduce stress,improve sports performance, improve relaxation and increase concentration. Regular meditation also increases memory, self-esteem and many many other important personal attributes.

Goal Setting

Makes your dreams much more achievable. You can use goal setting to support any area in your life, from making more money to winning the championship belt to weight loss. The trick is to make sure you choose specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time targeted plans, or SMART goals. By engaging in a formal goal setting process, you direct your attention effectively, and ensure that you stick with your project. The result is a higher level of achievement.

At Empire Martial Arts on the Gold Coast the following mental training is available to you. The opportunity to learn the skills and the importance of mental training through practical exercises including Neuro-linguisic Programming (NLP) and Sports Hypnosis which is all based on psychological skills training for athletes.

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Gold Coast Martial Arts Advice on Diet.

Gold Coast Martial Arts advice on diet.

Diet and Nutrition for Mixed Martial Arts

What you put into your body can have a huge effect on what you get out. That holds true for any kind of physical effort, from kickboxing to swimming, but your specific nutritional needs will vary a lot depending on your sport. Mixed martial arts is such a varied and diverse discipline that it can be hard to determine the best dietary plan for true success. Here’s what you need to know about diet and nutrition for mixed martial arts in order to get the most out of your training, maintain good strength, and really be a winner.

Getting Enough Calories

While a lot of MMA practitioners start out heavy and wanting to lose weight, most end up having trouble getting enough calories relatively quickly. That’s because serious training can really ramp up your metabolism. Whether you’re trying to gain or trying to lose, you need to look at your basal metabolic rate based on your age, sex and activity level. Then you need to do a little math. If you want to lose weight, eat fewer calories. If you want to gain, increase the number. Just don’t do either too quickly: fast gains and fast losses are not just unhealthy, they’re also usually very temporary.

Protein and Muscle Mass

Most people know that protein helps build muscles, but they tend to assume that the answer is plenty of meat. While it’s true that meat after a heavy workout will do a lot to keep you strong, it’s not the only option or the most balanced one. You can get protein from a wide variety of other sources, including beans, milk products and even fresh vegetables. There are even vegan MMA artists who can keep up with the strongest of the carnivores.

The trick is to pay attention to the quality of the proteins you eat and when you consume them. Ideally, you should make sure your body has some protein available within an hour after any heavy workout. It’s also a good idea to choose lean proteins with plenty of other vitamins, and avoid excessively processed meats since they contain potentially damaging chemicals.

The Role of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation in recent years for their contribution to weight gain in the majority of people. The carbohydrates themselves aren’t usually the problem, however. It’s the sedentary lifestyles that most people lead. That’s because carbohydrates are what your body uses for quick energy. They provide fast fuel for bursts of activity, and after you’ve had a long cardio workout, they’re just what your body wants.

Even if you’re pursuing a high protein diet, it’s a good idea to include a small amount of carbohydrates just to keep your energy levels up. The best carbs are relatively unrefined and come along with fiber and other nutrients, however. Look for fresh whole fruit, vegetables and whole grains to give you a healthy carb boost without the risk of getting weighed down.


Come and burn some calories at Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

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We all have to go to work the next day so looking after our training partner is the culture at Empire Martial Arts & Boxing on the Gold Coast.



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