It is well documented this era is one of the hardest times to be a kid. From overuse of social media, societal pressure to grow up too fast, to the exponential rise of bullying in schools. In fact one out of every four children suffers from bullying at some point in his or her school career.

Boxing & Mixed martial arts training can be a huge benefit for children who suffer from bullying, learning MMA tactics can give children the confidence and discipline to defuse a violent situation. They can learn how to prevent violence, as well as how to defend themselves if other techniques don’t work. These no-punch, no-kick methods allow children to neutralize their bullies while causing as little harm as possible.
Becoming involved in an MMA training program can give children a safe, healthy place to be physically active, as well as a form of activity they can enjoy. That helps build stronger bodies and improve overall health. It also helps children feel more confident about their bodies and develop the strength and flexibility to deal with a difficult situation. 
Our kids form a special bond with their classmates and learn to make new friends. Kids who have better social skills and a greater sense of community.

The lessons for our kids are split into two groups 7-9 year old and 9+, we run regular assessments for the older group identifying individuals ready for adult classes.

7-9 Years Old

At this early stage we give the children in this class exposure to multiple disciplines. We cover off Boxing and MMA striking through to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). The children are taught to teach each other with respect and how to behave in a Boxing/martial arts gym. This foundation in martial arts is adaptable to self defence situations these young people may face in the world today, whilst also improving fitness and providing a sense of teamwork.

9 Years +

With our 9+ group we help children who are just starting there Boxing & Martial arts journey, plus helping the more advance kids refine their skills. As the children progress through this group they can either continue to learn all disciplines or pick one they want to develop (eg Boxing/MMA or BJJ)

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