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what is bjj

BRAZILLIAN JIU JITSU at Empire Martial Arts Academy

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a wonderful ground fighting art that emphasises techniques based on leverage which allow the smaller person to handle and submit larger opponents most notably by applying joint-locks and chokeholds. 

Benefits of regular training in BJJ include obtaining a lower percentage of body fat, an increase in muscle tone, strength, flexibility and increased energy.



Group lessons gi

Group lessons - Gi

Empire Mixed Martial Arts Academy offer group BJJ lessons. For those looking to improve on their knowledge, skill and go up a belt.

female only BJJ

female only

BJJ can be a pretty up close and personal sport. Empire Mixed Martial Arts Academy run female only BJJ classes.

No gi jiu jitsu gold coast

group lessons - no gi

For those looking for the skill but not interested in the Gi chokes, Empire Mixed Martial Arts Academy offer no gi classes on a weekly basis. 

private bjj lessons

private lessons

If you’re serious about BJJ and would like to get the best out of your lessons, Empire Mixed Martial Arts Academy offer private BJJ lessons to athletes of all skill levels.


If your goal is to compete, you can join roster of competitive fighters. We work with you to get all facets of your skill set ready, working on fight strategies that would suit your style and upcoming fight or competition