MMA combines elements from a wide range of fighting styles, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, BoxingJudoMuay Thai and many more. Originally descended from the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championships, MMA has evolved into a safe combat sport that heavily stresses the concept of fair play. This competitive sport can be a lot of fun and offers many advantages, such as, physical fitness, mental discipline, confidence and (especially at Empire) a real sense of community.

We cater for all levels of MMA from general fitness to the Professional fighter.

Proudly Affiliated with P.U.M.M.A


Our group lessons cater for all levels, from complete novice through to competitive fighter. Ensuring each student understands the correct techniques, this allows proper form and avoids injury. The blend of standard helps people develop skills rather than just relying on the coaches at the class. This creates a real sense of community and team in what is considered an individual sport.



Are you just starting out in MMA, looking at advancing next level, or just need the flexibility that private lessons offer?

Private lessons let you decide the pace and the content. Whatever your goal, we work with you to create a program to suit your needs


If your goal is to compete, you can join a roster of competitive fighters. We work with you to get all facets of your skill set ready & work on fight strategies that would suit your style and an upcoming fight or competition.

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