More than just a gym. . .

Your one stop gym for equipment, conditioning and training.

Punch Equipment

Don't stress over online purchases, we stock all the equipment you need from Gi's, Gloves, Hand Wraps, Mouth Guards and Kick Pads.


After you have sweat, come sweat some more. Using a Sauna after training has multiple health and relaxation benefits.

Half Cage/Ring and Large Mat Area

To cater for all training situations we have a half cage/ring and large mat area with a full wall of heavy "Punch" bags.

Conditioning Equipment

To keep in shape and improve your training, Empire Mixed Martial Arts have a range of Strength and Conditioning equipment including the "Iron Neck", frequently spoken about by UFC comentator Joe Rogan.

Empire Mixed Martial Arts Hygiene Standards

We kindly ask for all of our members to follow the below hygiene standards:

If you are showing signs of a cold or flu, please don’t enter the gym.

Do not enter the gym with bare feet. Footwear must be worn when entering the gym. Once you’re inside, footwear will go on the shoe rack provided. Then step onto the mat to train in bare feet.

Any cuts, scratches or grazes on the skin must be covered by a band-aid and wrapped over by bandage. This must be done before entering the gym.

In Jiu Jitsu classes always wear a clean Gi and rash shirt. Wash you’re grappling clothes after each training session. If your coming straight from a striking class and into a Jiu Jitsu class please have a towel and another dry rash shirt to wear.

Finger nails to be trimmed short.

No jewelry on the mat. You can use a strong tape to cover your earrings. No bobby pins in your hair, hair ties only.

No zips, buckles or buttons on the mat.

Our training mats are cleaned regularly with antibacterial mat cleaner.

Our equipment is sprayed with sanitizer regularly.

Hand sanitizer stations are provided.