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Women’s UFC Superstar ‘Rowdy’ Bec Rawlings is holding a seminar at Empire on Sunday the 26th of October 2014. It’s held at 3 Northward St. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.  Women’s MMA on the Gold Coast is growing rapidly. This is a great opportunity to train with one of the best female MMA UFC fighters on the planet.

Here’s a few lines from the official UFC website.

The top 115-pound females on the planet will compete over the course of the season for the honour of being the UFC’s second female champion, alongside bantamweight (135 pound) champion Ronda Rousey. Amongst the cast are two former Invicta FC champions, a former International Kickboxing Federation women’s bantamweight, a United States kickboxing champion, an astrophysicist and a former professional ice hockey player. To see more of this artical go to this link



Below is a pic from 2013 with coach Ricky Budgen and young boxer Caden Crawford after doing some rounds with Bec Rawlings, helping her prepare for an international fight.


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New kids classes have been added to our timetable. Your welcome to bring your child in for a free trial of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing. Help your child to protect themselves against school yard bullying. Below is info regarding kids and bullying from our kids Tab.


School Bullying and Mixed Martial Arts: How Training Can Make a Difference

Approximately one out of every four children suffers from bullying at some point in his or her school career, kids have attendance problems relating to bullying every day, and one out of five kids is willing to admit to having bullied another child. Unfortunately, the advice most children get from their parents and teachers doesn’t help the bullying stop. In fact, trying to “ignore it” is one of the worst ways to fight bullying. Instead, kids need to learn how to meet their problems intelligently and competently.

School Bullying and Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts training can be a huge benefit for children who suffer from bullying, but not because those kids fight with their bullying. Instead, learning MMA tactics can give children the confidence and discipline to defuse a violent situation. They can learn how to prevent violence, as well as how to defend themselves if other techniques don’t work. These no-punch, no-kick methods allow children to neutralize their bullies while causing as little harm as possible.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Learning a martial art offers children a number of psychological benefits, including better self esteem and the ability to overcome adversity. Many MMA programs specifically teach kids how to defuse a difficult situation, helping them avoid feeling “frozen” by indecision. Martial arts training can also give children leadership skills and a better attitude through positive experiences with their peers. Since bullies tend to target the least socially adept children, this reduces the risk of being a victim.

Physical Fitness

With many physical education programs falling prey to massive budget cuts and most children subject to a wide range of reasons to stay indoors, childhood physical fitness is falling. Becoming involved in an MMA training program can give children a safe, healthy place to be physically active, as well as a form of activity they can enjoy. That helps build stronger bodies and improve overall health. It also helps children feel more confident about their bodies and develop the strength and flexibility to deal with a difficult situation.

A Sense of Community

By participating in martial arts training and competitions, kids can gain a sense of community that might be lacking in their everyday interactions. They form a special bond with their classmates and learn to make new friends, something that can help them avoid being targeted by bullies. Kids who have better social skills and a greater sense of community are less likely to feel alone and helpless in the face of bullying. When they know they have someone to turn to, they can reduce the risk of severe bullying and have a safer, healthier school experience.

Class times for childrens MMA and BJJ is

Monday 345.pm-415pm for 4-6 year olds MMA/BJJ & 7 years + MMA 415pm – 5pm.

Tuesday 7 years+ BJJ 4pm-5pm

Wednesday 7 years+ 4.pm MMA

Thursday 345.pm-415pm for 4-6 year olds MMA/BJJ & 7 years + BJJ 415pm – 5pm.








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New classes added to our timetable. MMA, BJJ, BOXING, KICKBOXING,  MUAY THAI, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING. 

All levels are welcome, from the beginner who would like to shape their body and learn how to protect themselves and their family, to the Advanced who fight at a local, national and international level.

Come and join our group classes. You will learn all the skills of a mixed martial artist in a safe & fun environment. Or if you prefer to, you can start by having private lessons to build your skills before starting classes.

You don’t need to worry about your fitness, you go at your own pace we’ll get you fitter and stronger while your consistent training progresses.

We all have to go to work the next day so looking after our training partner is the culture at Empire Martial Arts & Boxing on the Gold Coast.

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Congratulations to Nick and Colin on receiving there Brazilian Jui Jitsu blue belts. Both guys worked extremly hard to acheive this. Many hours go into becoming a blue belt and a wide variety of techniques are learnt. Check out our timetable and join in on our classes. Just off the highway 3 Northward St. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.   Catering to all ages from 4 years to Adults.


blue belt bjj gold coastBlue belt

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Join in on our Muay Thai class with the one and only JT!  No.3 Northward St Upper Coomera 

Muay Thai Coomera

Our Muay Thai coach JT has over 18 years experience training muay thai, he originally started in 2006, with Trainer Nick Phelan and Australian residing renowned Thai trainer Lamai Treenet of Bangkok. In JT’s words ‘As a teenager I was a scrawny as an underfed chihawa’, I had zero confidence and was occasionally a target for bullies” With this being said he originally became interested in the art of Muay Thai as solid form of self defence. During his 20′s JT still trained very regularly, whilst also building a highly successful Screenprinting business. In recent years we are now starting to see JT evolve into a supreme fighting machine under the guidance of the legendary John Wayne parr at the Boonchu Gym. JT fights as regular as he can is not one who cares too much for chasing titles or building his name he simply likes to fight full stop. Whether there is 1000 people watching or no one – its purely about the fight for him. Once someone takes one of JT’s class, they see his charismatic and passionate teaching style that is very unique. His technique and style is authentically thai and even prefers to play tradition thai music during his classes to help rythem and timing much like the Thais train. We are extremely pleased to have him as Empire’s Muay Thai coach right here in Coomera. We look forward to a bright future for Jt with his fighting and coaching.


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Vish wins Mma bout – MMA Gold Coast Coomera

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Congratulations to Vish on his recent win on Eternal Mma which was held at the Coolangatta Hotel. It was a close hard fought win against the very durable Jacob Suker. Jacob is from a great gym in Sydney named the Lions Den Gym. They fought at a catchweight of 55kg. Sorry about the tights, we asked him not to wear them but he wouldn’t listed haha.. If you want to come and train with Vish ‘hopefully he’s not in his tights’ come on down to 3 Northward St Upper Coomera. Empire Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Academy.  

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Vish3 Vish

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Empire Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu win gold! Kids Bjj Upper Coomera

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Well done to our kids who competed in the Q.L.D open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competiition. We had three compete and we bought home three medals, two gold and one bronze. Bjj is a great sport and is perfect to build your child’s confidence and an excellent form of self defence. Come on in for a free trial! 3 Northward Street Upper Coomera





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Jaz ‘Bam Bam’ Walker Coomera Boxing

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Great work from Jaz in her last two Boxing wins. Her first win was within 10 seconds of the first round. The second win was a hard fought fight that went the full three rounds.










jaz 2nd boxingjaz hand



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Jaz ‘Bam Bam’ Walker wins her Mma bout. Womens Mma on the Gold Coast, Coomera.

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Congratulations to Jaz ‘Bam Bam’ Walker on her win on Xfc 20. Jaz made quick work of her opponent winning 14 seconds into the first round by Tko.  Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Mma on the Gold Coast is growing rapidly. Come and train with Jaz. We are a safe, friendly family environment. Take advantage of our free trial.

jaz xfc crew


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Merry Xmas and a Happy New year from Empire Mixed Martial Arts

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Empire Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Academy. We reopen on Monday the 6th of January, we all look forward to a big 2014!

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