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Getting your kid to show self-discipline is a gold mine that will reap benefits immediately and in the years to come for both parents and child in martial arts.

We will instil in them value of learning in martial arts which will create a sense of responsibility in their learning to become competent young practitioners.

Firstly, to achieve success they must show up, second, they mustn’t give up, and finally they will level up in their approach to martial arts and life.

Whether it’s finishing their homework before being allowed to play, or brushing their teeth as a routine before breakfast, our programs will teach them that discipline leads to freedom and paves the way to greater success now.

Work now, enjoy the training as a process and learn to do what others can’t because others simply won’t.


The most immediate benefit of confidence is the innate ability to just try.

Wayne Gretzky, the most celebrated and decorated NHL player of all time famously said:

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

Which applies to kids in martial arts and life in general.

If your child is open to new experiences without the fear of failure being permanent, they will embrace the process of their personal development.

Our martial arts programs plant the seeds of confidence through a process of discipline > motivation > confidence > competence which is proven to be the winning recipe in success.

BODY Intelligence

While kids can be clumsy little monsters at the bets of times, if you throw in some athletic elements to the mix things can really start getting complicated.

The demands of martial arts dictate that kids must learn coordination, dexterity and constitution through stimulation of the neuromuscular system.

Put simply, kids who adapt to the many requirements of martial arts are more at home in their bodies and learn foundational skill towards making them physically literate athletes for life.

Something unfortunate about the demands of modern life is that it teaches us all to have poor posture, poor strength, and limited flexibility and range of movement. Screens, chairs, cars, and sedentary lifestyles are the beginnings of chronic difficulties later on in life.

Empire Martial Arts kids programs will help ward off the ill effects of modern day-to-day influences on your child’s physical health.


The fundamental movements of martial arts require a strong trunk or core and taxes their little compound muscle sets, meaning multiple muscles are grouped and used in synergy to maximum effect.

A strong core means less injury later on in life, better posture, and translates to other sports.


This is a culmination of the above.

When our child is confronted in a physical confrontation they won’t:

  • Be frozen in fear as they’ve encountered confrontation at training.
  • Be lost as to how to navigate themselves and the bully.
  • Be at a physical disadvantage as they are constantly developing their muscular system and technique during classes.

They will however:

  • Know how to engage and defend without resorting to violence due to their Jiu Jitsu.
  • Remain calm and confident.
  • Become less of a target to be bullied in the first case.

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