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Strength Training with Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Strength training with Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

When Do You Need Strength and Explosive Power Training for Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed martial arts is an extremely versatile discipline that incorporates the best of a wide range of different traditions. That means that it’s possible for just about any fighter to find techniques that suit his or her physique, preferences, fitness level and skill set. However, there are times when you may find yourself doing poorly in competition, even if you’re done plenty of cardio work and are otherwise in great shape. That’s when it’s time to start looking at strength and explosive power training for mixed martial arts.

Why Power?

Even people with great physical fitness levels and plenty of musculature can be surprised by their lack of power. This can happen when you’ve been focusing on the wrong muscle groups, when you only have “top level” fitness without much core strength, or when you’ve been working on your speed to the detriment of everything else. No matter why you have this problem, you’ll probably find yourself losing more easily than you’d like. You may reach a frustrating plateau in your advancement. If this occurs, it’s time to start looking at training that will build up your strength and let you explode into your opponent.

Improving Explosive Power

Conventional cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting won’t give you the kind of explosive power you need to really succeed in MMA. That’s because these disciplines aren’t focused on the right kind of energy. Explosive power is effectively a form of sprinting: putting a lot of energy into a single burst of activity. Most people who train to improve this kind of power do it by using a relatively light weight. Instead of working with the heaviest thing they can lift, they deliberately choose something a little lighter, then lift it sharply and suddenly three to five times in a row. This can be tiring extremely quickly, but it helps you develop the kind of power you’ve been lacking.

Increasing Your Endurance

Of course, just because you can kick or punch explosively doesn’t mean that you have everything you need. If you’re exhausted after that punch or kick, you won’t do well in competition. That’s why you also need to condition your body to stay powerful even though you’re tired. This means starting your workout in a moderately tired state, then working on the explosive technique. Because you can easily injure yourself during this kind of conditioning, it’s a good idea to have someone nearby to help. Make sure you keep the number of repetitions low in order to get the most power into each one. You may feel very tired shortly after the workout, but you’ll soon see your power increasing.

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