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Kids Mixed Martial Arts Coomera Gold Coast

Empire Martial Arts, 3 Northward st. Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Kids classes now at Empire Martial Arts, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

School Bullying and Mixed Martial Arts: How Training Can Make a Difference

Approximately one child out of every four suffers from bullying at some point in his or her school career, children have attendance problems relating to bullying every day and one out of five kids is willing to admit to having bullied another child. Unfortunately, the advice most children get from their parents and teachers doesn’t help the bullying stop. In fact, trying to “ignore it” is one of the worst ways to fight bullying. Instead, kids need to learn how to meet their problems intelligently and competently.

School Bullying and Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts training can be a huge benefit for children who suffer from bullying, but not because those kids fight with their bullying. Instead, learning MMA tactics can give children the confidence and discipline to defuse a violent situation. They can learn how to prevent violence, as well as how to defend themselves if other techniques don’t work. These no-punch, no-kick methods allow children to neutralize their bullies while causing as little harm as possible.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Learning a martial art offers children a number of psychological benefits, including better self esteem and the ability to overcome adversity. Many MMA programs specifically teach kids how to defuse a difficult situation, helping them avoid feeling “frozen” by indecision. Martial arts training can also give children leadership skills and a better attitude through positive experiences with their peers. Since bullies tend to target the least socially adept children, this reduces the risk of being a victim.

Physical Fitness

With many physical education programs falling prey to massive budget cuts and most children subject to a wide range of reasons to stay indoors, childhood physical fitness is falling. Becoming involved in an MMA training program can give children a safe, healthy place to be physically active, as well as a form of activity they can enjoy. That helps build stronger bodies and improve overall health. It also helps children feel more confident about their bodies and develop the strength and flexibility to deal with a difficult situation.

A Sense of Community

By participating in martial arts training and competitions, kids can gain a sense of community that might be lacking in their everyday interactions. They form a special bond with their classmates and learn to make new friends, something that can help them avoid being targeted by bullies. Kids who have better social skills and a greater sense of community are less likely to feel alone and helpless in the face of bullying. When they know they have someone to turn to, they can reduce the risk of severe bullying and have a safer, healthier school experience.

Class times for childrens MMA is Monday & Thursday 345.pm-415pm for 4-6 year olds & 7 years + 415pm – 5pm.

Empire Mixed Martial Arts. 3 Northward St Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. 

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