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The kids grading was a huge success and proved once again the awesome power that is Brazilian Jui Jitsu! There was nerves and a little bit of fear but that was completely washed away by the sheer excitement of it all. For many of the kids, it was their first ever grading, however, watching them you would never know it. Coach Ricky and Coach Nick did their best to calm the nerves and encouraged the kids to treat the day just like an extended training session. All participants were lucky enough to have ONE FC Bantamweight contender and black belt Reece McClaren to help the regular coaches with the grading/seminar. KIDS_BOW

There was takedowns and sweeps from guard. Full guard and side control work. Positioning and posture. The coaches did an incredible job to break down intricate details of each movement and the kids did fantastic in remembering what they were taught and applying them; not only in technique but their rolls. By the end of the day, there was some very happy kids (and parents!) as new belts were handed out. Overall a great day which saw the kids do the club, their parents and most importantly themselves proud by their attitude and conduct. Well done boys and girls!!!


  • Dan R.
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