Last week a few of our boys and girls went out and competed down in Byron Bay in a BJJ comp. Once again they made everyone proud by the way they conducted themselves on and off the mats. They all showed incredible heart and skill with the progression being there for all the parents and coaches to see. Resuls are as follows

Ruby: Silver in gi. Bronze in no gi.

Lachlan: Bronze in gi. Silver in no gi.

Fynn: Silver in gi. Bronze in no gi.

Chase: Silver in gi.

Jorja: Gold in gi. Silver in no gi.

An absolutely fantastic effort!!!15110302_1126321397451674_1601175050360433632_o 15123397_1126321194118361_2072271502116800754_o 15137553_1126321784118302_1074064223928253792_o 15137592_1126321544118326_6104870857906672732_o

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