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Here’s our updated timetable. All skill and fitness are levels welcome. We have a family friendly environment. Our priority is to look after our training partners while building skills.

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Check out our intro vid from www.empireboxing.com.au Female only Boxing Class. Located at 3 Northward St. Upper Coomera Gold Coast. As you’ll notice, it’s a friendly environment. Jemma has a great sense of humour and her classes are fun! You’ll learn proper Boxing technique whilst getting super fit.


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Last week a few of our boys and girls went out and competed down in Byron Bay in a BJJ comp. Once again they made everyone proud by the way they conducted themselves on and off the mats. They all showed incredible heart and skill with the progression being there for all the parents and coaches to see. Resuls are as follows

Ruby: Silver in gi. Bronze in no gi.

Lachlan: Bronze in gi. Silver in no gi.

Fynn: Silver in gi. Bronze in no gi.

Chase: Silver in gi.

Jorja: Gold in gi. Silver in no gi.

An absolutely fantastic effort!!!15110302_1126321397451674_1601175050360433632_o 15123397_1126321194118361_2072271502116800754_o 15137553_1126321784118302_1074064223928253792_o 15137592_1126321544118326_6104870857906672732_o

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A few weeks back Empire had a BJJ seminar with master coach Vince Perry. When it comes to BJJ/MMA in Australia, few are more accomplished so needless to say it was an incredible opportunity for everyone at Empire to further their growth in Jui Jitsu. As is common practice at Empire, the seminar doubles up as a grading and with that comes some very exciting news with a couple of guys looking slick in their newly coloured belts. Dave, Dan, Adzon and Danny have made the jump to blue belt and Nick continues his rise in earning his purple. For everyone who got their belt it has been due to hard work and consistency and all involved have been incredibly deserving. COLOUR CREWdarren_vince_nick

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The kids grading was a huge success and proved once again the awesome power that is Brazilian Jui Jitsu! There was nerves and a little bit of fear but that was completely washed away by the sheer excitement of it all. For many of the kids, it was their first ever grading, however, watching them you would never know it. Coach Ricky and Coach Nick did their best to calm the nerves and encouraged the kids to treat the day just like an extended training session. All participants were lucky enough to have ONE FC Bantamweight contender and black belt Reece McClaren to help the regular coaches with the grading/seminar. KIDS_BOW

There was takedowns and sweeps from guard. Full guard and side control work. Positioning and posture. The coaches did an incredible job to break down intricate details of each movement and the kids did fantastic in remembering what they were taught and applying them; not only in technique but their rolls. By the end of the day, there was some very happy kids (and parents!) as new belts were handed out. Overall a great day which saw the kids do the club, their parents and most importantly themselves proud by their attitude and conduct. Well done boys and girls!!!


  • Dan R.
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What a great few months its been at Empire! The amount of effort being put in by everyone at the club has been remarkable and something everyone involved can be proud of. The improvement of everyone on the mats is something that comes from having good club spirit; and Empire has that in spades!

A few comps have come and gone and as always all representatives of the club have put in an amazing effort. A few weeks back saw a QBJJC competition in Carrara. Starting with the kids, young Callum scored a bronze in what would be a very competitive kids division. Well done Callum! Dan Owen secured gold in his gi, white belt division, again, a terrific performance in the final against a very tough opponent. In the 77kg blue belt division Nick took home the gold in no gi. Nick’s takedowns were quite impressive and paved the way for his victory in again, a very competitive division with many tough and skillful blue belts. Well done Nick! Well done Empire!


Young Callum with the bronze!

Dan with the gold!

Dan with the gold!

Nick with the gold in no gi 77kg blue belt

Nick with the gold

Last week we had the nationals down in Melbourne and Nick (who else) flew the Empire flag. In an absolutely stacked blue weight division Nick continued on from where he left off in Queensland; hitting takedown after takedown allowed for Nick to dictate the action for a lot of his matches. Ultimately, he managed to score a silver and in the process showcased his skills on the national stage. It was a great performance. Everyone at the club knows the effort Nick puts in with Brazilian Jui Jitsu with both coach Ricky and Dean so the silver at nationals was well deserved.

Nick with the silver at nationals.

Nick with the silver at nationals.

Ricky and Nick with our PUMMA family.

Ricky and Nick with our PUMMA family.

In other news Vish Naidoo has a bout announced for the next Eternal card. Unfortunately, his opponent in his last scheduled fight was forced to pull out due to injury, so to say Vish has been hungry to get back in the cage would be an understatement! If you see him around wish him luck!

Another day in the office at Empire

Another day in the office at Empire

Til next week, adios!

Dan R.

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Here’s our timetable. Your welcome to come on in for a free trial. We are located at 3 Northward St Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. 








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Our kids MMA coach and PUMMA training partner Reece Mclaren was a heavy underdog against the much bigger Mark Striegl. However he showed brilliant technique to end the fight in the third round with a rear choke. All of the Empire MMA team are extremely proud of what he’s acheived. Here’s the link to the highlight. Enjoy!



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Mma Coomera Gold Coast


Congratulations to Shaun Johnson on another win. His most recent Mma bout was on Eternal MMA 16 at NERANG PCYC . Shaun is improving with each fight, stay tuned and follow his career.





















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Coomera Mma and Boxing Timetable and Fees

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Our Timetable and Price list below. The more classes you do, the cheaper it becomes. If doing all adult classes (Platinum) it’s as low as $4.50 per class. Your welcome to drop in for a free trial. We are conveinently located just off the highway in Upper Coomera. Address is 3 Northward St Upper Coomera.  We cater to all levels of Mma, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling. Kids 4years+ To Adults. You don’t have to be a fighter to train with us. We have plenty of students who train for fun and fitness. No hidden fees and no contracts.


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